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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />TO: Scott Mitnick, City Manager <br /> <br />FROM: John C. Prescott, Community Development Director <br /> <br />DATE: January 12, 2016 <br /> <br />SUBJECT: Municipal Code Amendment Adding Regulations for <br />Medical Marijuana (MCA 2015-70582) <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br /> <br />Read ordinance in title only, further reading be waived, and if no objection <br />introduce Ordinance to regulate the cultivation, transportation, dispensing and <br />delivery of medical marijuana city-wide. <br />FINANCIAL IMPACT: <br />No Additional Funding Requested. General Fund costs are limited to the staff <br />time to write and process this amendment, and are absorbed in the adopted FY <br />2015-16 General Fund Budget. To the extent costs are incurred to enforce the <br />ordinance in the future, these enforcement costs will be absorbed in approved <br />budgets for the Police Department and Community Development Department <br />Code Compliance Division. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND: <br /> <br />The State of California has adopted the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety <br />Act (MMRSA) that will result in the implementation of significant licensing and <br />control standards on the commercial medical marijuana business statewide. <br />MMRSA establishes licensing requirements for a wide range of activities related <br />to medical marijuana including cultivation, transportation, dispensaries, mobile <br />deliveries, and quality control testing. MMRSA also recognizes local police <br />powers to regulate or prohibit activities related to medical marijuana within their <br />jurisdictions. <br /> <br />This is primarily accomplished through a dual licensing requirement that requires <br />an applicant to show they have received local approval prior to submitting their <br />applications for State licensing. If an applicant cannot show local approval, they <br />may not apply for nor receive a State license for their intended activity (cultivation, <br />dispensary, etc). The State estimates that licensing standards for commercial <br />medical marijuana activity will be in effect by January 2018. <br />